Current activities of Isabelle within I.H. Fiscal Plus B.V. include - but are not limited to - the following:

  • Tax advice to expatriates and migrating taxpayers;

  • Advice on tax aspects of international gifts and inheritance cases (estate planning and avoidance of double taxation);

  • Tax advice related to the structuring and holding of French real estate (second homes or business assets);

  • Representation of Dutch taxpayers towards the French tax authorities, e.g. in tax refund procedures or tax litigation;

  • Representation of French taxpayers towards the Dutch tax authorities, e.g. in tax reassessments or for the regularization of non-declared foreign assets;

  • Tax advice to and representation of executors, legal heirs or legatees in their communication with the French tax authorities and civil law notaries;

  • Assistance to Dutch civil law notaries to solve issues arising from international inheritance cases, such as possible double taxation;

  • Helping non-profit making organizations and charities to obtain Dutch or French tax rulings, or to get refunds of undue taxes, such as inheritance taxes.